5 Essential PR Tools for a Successful Consumer Electronics Launch

Apple Gadgets

Apple Gadgets

A brand launch is a staple for many PR firms. In the Philippines, any new brand that aims to establish a foothold in the country will find it essential especially if the local market is already saturated with competitors.

This is particularly true for consumer electronics brands. Smartphone and tablet sales have grown exponentially in the recent years due to increasing consumer demand. But while this makes it difficult to launch a new, successful line, it’s not impossible as long as brands wield these five basic PR tools.

A Compelling Narrative

The market is littered with indistinguishable brands that regurgitate the same old clichés. A fresh narrative that engages buyers can quickly gain a devoted following. Apple's campaign, designed to rebrand the computer giant and pave the way for the new Bondi Blue iMac, is a powerful example of a story that attracted buyer attention.

Multiple Media Channels

Nowadays, there is no one medium that will attract everyone's eyeballs to your brand. To be seen, consumer electronics need to be everywhere: broadcast, print, the blogosphere, and social media. And all of them must share the same overarching narrative instead of going their own separate directions.

Brand Ambassadors

Brands need a face, a person who can rally people around the brand—someone whom fans are already familiar with. Brand ambassadors don’t need to be highly paid actors and actresses. For consumer electronics, techie lifestyle bloggers can be more effective. They have built a community of followers who value their opinions and reviews for their purchase decisions.

Social Media Engagement

As residents of the social network capital of the world, Filipino tech consumers often buy gadgets that will enable them to post on Facebook or Twitter. Engaging them on social media is essential to creating conversations that lead to conversions and sales.

A Knowledgeable Partner

Brands originating outside the country need a knowledgeable partner who can help them face the complications of a local brand launch. Trustworthy experts can provide branding and event assistance, while helping to bring nationwide attention through various channels to elevate the brand.

The consumer electronics market is still growing in the Philippines. With the right tools, a brand can immediately find a place in the country. Oppo was a new entrant to the Philippine market when it contacted M2.0. Through collaboration, the smartphone brand quickly became popular among Filipino buyers.

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