Something Weird, Something Twisty: 15 Unique Kris Kringle Ideas

Something Weird, Something Twisty: 15 Unique Kris Kringle Ideas

Something Weird, Something Twisty: 15 Unique Kris Kringle Ideas

Christmas is just a few weeks away, which means that it’s almost time for the good old Kris Kringle! This is probably not the first time your colleagues have joined this Christmas tradition. You might think of sticking to the tried and tested “something red” and “something round” for this year’s gift exchange. Why not switch things up with a few unique “somethings”, though? Here’s a list of 15 “something” ideas that can help make this year’s Kris Kringle one of a kind.

15 Awesome Kris Kringle “Something” Ideas

1. Something Useless

Surprise your manito or manita with a gift they won’t be able to use! For safety reasons, broken items and expired food do not count.

Examples: A shoe or a sock without its pair. A poster of a previous President. A tabo which you’ve intentionally customized with a couple of drilled holes. The cover of a cooking pot without the cooking pot itself. For the twist: a shirt you’ve outgrown, or a coffee maker which is still in its original packaging.

2. Something You’d Usually Leave at Home

Need an alternative to “something funny”? Ask colleagues to wrap up objects they normally wouldn’t bring during daily commute. Think of things that you wouldn’t want to carry in public.

Examples: A broom with a matching dustpan. A plunger. A laundry basket. A lightweight foldable chair.

3. Something Unbreakable

Good luck finding a gift that’s truly unbreakable! Seems easy at first, but the gift hunt could be a challenge. Do keep in mind that someone might test your Kris Kringle gift and send it bouncing off the office walls, so better be sure that your choice of gift fits the category.

Examples: One of those ultra-durable plastic tumblers on department store shelves. You can also try sending a jar of magnetic putty or homemade slime.

4. Something From a Teleserye

Watch as your coworkers open their gifts and pull out iconic items from popular soap dramas! With this Kris Kringle gift idea, you can all pretend that the Mulawin sneaked by your office for the holidays and left feathers on the floor. Or that the four Sang’gres from Encantadia agreed to place the four brilyantes on your boss’ desk. Items from foreign dramas such as Meteor Garden or Goblin: The Lonely and Great God also count.

Examples: Feathers (Mulawin). A red, yellow, green, or blue glass bead (Encantadia). A joker card (Meteor Garden (2018)) or a red card (Meteor Garden (2001)). A toy sword (Goblin: The Lonely and Great God). A Nerf gun or a stroller (Ika-6 na Utos).

5. Something Imported

Remember how happy you were to get Snickers or M&M’s from balikbayan relatives as a child? Bring back that rush of glee for a day with this Kris Kringle idea.

Examples: Snickers and other American candy bars. Korean face masks for female friends. Or anything with Made in China printed on the bottom.

6. Something You Can Cook

Won’t your manito or manita be happy to receive free food? The only catch is that they still have to put it together themselves.

Examples: Puto mix. Cookie dough. Soup mix. Tablea, which you can make into hot chocolate or include in champorado. Flour, which can become baked goods or breading for a fried dish. Maybe you can even give your favorite pack of instant noodles from a nearby convenience store.

7. Something Made from Scratch

People who love DIY will look forward to this one! You can also grab the chance to support local businesses or raise awareness of a particular indigenous people.

Examples: A pretty keychain or piece of tribal jewelry from a previous cross-country trip. A woven bag. A knitted scarf. A bookmark. Homemade cookies.

8. Something Worth P20 or Less

Quoting an iconic ice cream commercial, saan aabot ang bente pesos mo?

Examples: Cheap ballpens. Packets of candy. Pocket tissue. If you’re lucky or situated near Divisoria, you can wrap up a collector’s item that happened to be on sale!

9. Something Popular in the (Decade of Your Choice)

This can be a DVD of a teleserye that aired in that decade, or an iconic album. The earlier, the better! “Something Popular in the 1880s” is kind of pushing it, though.

Examples: A My Husband’s Lover DVD (2010s). Silly Bandz (2000s). Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts album (1990s). Disco pants (1980s). Tablea or a copy of Noli Me Tangere (1880s).

10. Something Twisty

Twisty objects sound easy to find, that is, until you start shopping. To qualify, the gift has to be designed to be twisty--tangled earphones don’t count!

Examples: A whole pack of Wiggles marshmallows. Pilipit or pretzels. A braided headband. A handmade friendship bracelet straight out of the 90s.

11. Something Retro

Although this can be something from your own childhood, it would be nice to take your giftee’s age into consideration. A bit of research will really help with this Kris Kringle theme! Imagine the look of pure happiness on your manito or manita’s face when they open your gift and have flashbacks to simpler days.

Examples: A bag of Iced Gems. Jackstones. A Chinese garter. A burned DVD of all 46 episodes of Princess Sarah. A Doraemon plushie.

12. Something You Need to Solve

Here’s a Kris Kringle idea that will stretch recipients’ mental muscles. Whether it requires assembly, calculation, or some extra thought, . Try to find something that your manito or manita can solve in under an hour, unless you’re sure that they’re up for a challenge!

Examples: A jigsaw puzzle. A Rubik’s cube. A 3D puzzle that forms either a train or a dinosaur. A book of riddles. A bound volume of abstract reasoning problems. A robot model kit.

13. Something Weird

What do your co-workers think of when it comes to “weird”? Is it gross? Is it cringe-worthy? Or is it simply something unique? Give your colleagues the freedom to decide. Just be clear that dangerous items and actual health hazards are not allowed.

Examples: A cheap mug shaped like a toilet bowl. A plush pillow shaped like a poop emoji. Twin bananas. For the designers on the team: a poster making heavy use of rainbow colors and Comic Sans.

14. Something that Grows

A plant might be the first gift that comes to mind, but there are countless other options, especially for colleagues who lack green thumbs. For one, toys that “grow” by soaking up water fit right into this category. Fish, birds, and insects are also welcome, as long as they won’t make a mess of your office!

Examples: Succulents and cacti. Vegetable seedlings. Water beads. Sea-Monkeys. A packet of monggo beans if you’re short on money after all those other “somethings.”

15. Something You Want for Yourself

Try to pull off this Kris Kringle idea without revealing yourself before the final “wishlist” draw! This includes hiding your envy whenever your manito or manita mentions what they’ve just received.

Examples: Your favorite chocolate. A gift certificate for your favorite shop. The headset you wanted to buy yourself. A poster of your favorite celebrity. And for the bravest of souls: a framed picture of the one that got away.

Include these 15 “somethings” in this year’s Kris Kringle, and your officemates will be looking forward to getting their gifts day after day! All together, now: “I love my manito, yes I do…”

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