We'd rather execute and iterate than waste time looking for perfection. 

As a PR agency, M2.0 understands that perfection doesn't exist – but greatness does. Our team won’t waste your time by coming up with perfect plans that will be easily derailed by circumstance. It's better to execute now with a good plan and get immediate feedback. If the results are not good, we're ready to own up to our mistakes and revise the plan. And if the results are good, we'll improve the plan until our clients achieve greatness.


True success comes with measureable outcomes.

Our Public Relations firm doesn’t believe in abstract metrics. They won't help our clients meet business goals nor do they help us improve our service. In every campaign, we identify quantifiable metrics that will result in improvements to your bottom line and pursue them with all our passion.

It’s time as an industry we measure what matters. In doing this, it’s equally important to understand the end goals from the beginning and then build a strategy to meet them.
— Molly McKenna Jandrain, director of public relations at McDonald’s
M2 Philosophy Builds Communities

M2.0 builds communities.

We create longstanding relationships and networks with clients, influencers, insiders, and media. They become part of our communities that help our public relations firm extend our reach and capabilities, which in turn help achieve your goals.

The three main elements of public relations are practically as old as society: informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people.
— Edward Bernays, Father of Public Relations



Making a difference.

Since 2003, every member of our public relations firm has dreamed of becoming an instrument for change. M2.0 believes there is a better way for a PR agency to relate with its communities, communicate with the public, and serve its clients.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about
— Benjamin Franklin, author, printer, political theorist, politician

Transparency above all.

Our public relations firm believes that openness is one of the keys to becoming a better PR agency. The philosophy is enshrined in our office layout: all open spaces and glass doors that allow easy oral and visual communication. We don't hide data and we're honest with our mistakes to our clients and to each other. Anyone can be called on directly to honestly answer questions or take requests. Through our transparency, we get closer to making a difference and improving our services for our clients.


Ideas first.

The power of an idea lies in its ability to survive a rigorous process of testing and questioning. The team like to imagine ideas as gladiators with facts as weapons. The one that can defeat others through fair and honest debate deserve to be tried. Ideas don't have to be original to be effective. The most powerful narrative that relate simple human truths have a simple structure that is repeated through the ages. But they take the client into consideration and serve and fulfills its requirements.



PROI Worldwide

Once a PR agency's world was limited to its local readership or viewership, rarely stepping into another state. No more. Technology and the Internet have created a world that's both local and global. And M2.0 public relations firm chose to be part of that world to better serve our clients. We are proud to be a member of PROI Worldwide, the biggest global partnership of independent public relations firms. Through our partners, we are able to utilize local resources across the globe and share best PR practices. As a PROI member, our team is ready to spread your message globally.