M2.0 has short-term project-based aid for specific purposes when your brand requires assistance in achieving limited or tactical communication goals.


Article Writing & Seeding

We believe that each brand has a story attached to it and there are a lot of ways to share this whether it’s online or print. Your story is yours to tell and ours to deliver.


Message and Media Training

Proper preparation can help you take advantage of a media interviews and speaking opportunities. Our media training services are designed to help you boost confidence, identify each issue to be addressed, and develop the right brand messages.


Media Relations

Earned media is as important as a branded content. However, content released on a major publication or authority site renders greater credibility. Media relations is in the heart of our practice. Our networks collaborate to ensure that your content, whether it’s shared, earned or owned, will be read by your audience.


Government Relations

Policymakers play a powerful role in the global economy. Any type of issue that can impact your organization, how it does business, and how government agencies regulate it should be discussed with great care. We understand the local government landscape and have built a good relationship with various regulating agencies.


Community Relations

Social responsibility is the key to maintaining a strong relationship with your community – your employees, consumers, or groups that your brand aims to help. M2.0 helps you facilitate social partnerships and outreach programs aiming to improve relations with your partner communities.


Event Management

Press conferences, product launches, and media and blogger events all require careful planning – and help. We lighten your burden by taking care of the smallest details from the invitation of the guests to the set-up and running of the program.