Doy Roque | M2comms PR  Agency (president & CEO)

Doy Roque,

President & CEO

Doy Roque founded and leads several companies that have to do with media and the Internet.
He has spent more than a decade pondering questions that have to do with PR, advertising,
and most recently digital marketing, and in the process has been fortunate enough to have worked intimately with a number of leaders in business and government. Before diving into the world of advertising and PR, Doy worked as a journalist at the Manila Times, and before that,
as a government researcher. He is intrigued by the power of data, and spends his spare time trying to figure out how to better harness media information. He lives with his wife and has three daughters,
two of whom are twins.


Karlo Cleto, 

Strategic Planner

In his role as strategic planner, Karlo Cleto oversees the quality of all M2.0's campaigns for its many clients including
The Office of the Philippine President,
The Department of Health, Philippine Bases Conversion and Development Authority,
The Department of Trade and Industry,
Merck Sharp and Dohme, Meralco, UNICEF and Greenpeace. Previously a copywriter for M2.0, Karlo returned as to head our strategic planning team. He has also served as an editor for Manila Bulletin and Garage Magazine. 

Rica Oquias| M2Comms PR Agency Social Media Director

Rica Oquias,

Operations Head and Director of Digital

Digital marketing is Rica Oquias' domain. She heads M2.0's digital team and formulates strategies and ensures the consistency and quality of the content and narratives specific to a client's needs. A strong advocate of online marketing, she has a pulse on the latest trends and how to best utilize them for campaigns. She possesses a piercing insight into the preferences of the consumer audience. She lives with her husband and twin daughters.

Marco Rafael

Marco Rafael, 

Creative Director

Marco Rafael is in charge of ensuring that creative design ideas at M2.0 become a reality. As Creative Director, he and his team seamlessly work to create and design intuitive websites and social media campaigns with the aim of improving consumer experience. Marco has worked for clients from a wide range of industries including New World Hotel, SM Investments, APEC Inclusive Business, Avis, MSD, and Goltens. He approaches work methodically: identifying problems, thinking of solutions, and flawlessly executing the idea throughout every campaign. 

Enya Reyes| M2Comms PR Agency Events Director

Enya Reyes,

Managing Partner and Events Director

As M2.0 Communications' Managing Partner and Director of the Events Management team, Enya Reyes contributes more than a decade of experience in event planning with expo management experience in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Her career is dotted with numerous successful landmark events and conferences including the management of the Philippine Exposition in Hannover in 2000 and the Ad Congress in 2005. Her high profile events regularly play host to the President of the Philippines and dignitaries from other countries.

Shyla Reyes | M2Comms PR Agency Media Relations Manager

Shyla Reyes, 

Corporate Communications Director

As the Corporate Communications Manager of M2.0, Shyla Reyes is responsible for the overall branding of the agency. She continues to cultivate relationships with her wide network of contacts in the business world and in print, broadcast, and digital media. She also has extensive experience in crisis management and has worked with clients from diverse sectors including The Office of the President, Bases Conversion Development Authority, and the Department of Trade and Industry. A loving mother to her daughter, Shyla has considerable focus and patience, which she uses to firmly guide her team to achieve their objectives, calmly overcoming challenges and obstacles as they arise.