Turning the island resort into the most
talked about destination in 2012


Weaving Romance and Mystery
Popularize a Brand


Penetrating the ever growing
Philippine Mobile Phone Market


Empowering Nationwide Change


Building Urban Platforms for
Innovation, Inclusion, and Resilience

Reintroducing LINE and bringing it
to the forefront of the Philippine market


Helping MSD in spreading awareness and
solutions to HPV and Cervical Cancer


Spreading News and Rewarding
Loyalty with Flights and Hotels


Re-imagining a Holiday Campaign


Eradicating Poverty in the Philippines

Launching a New Branch for the Largest
International Hotel Chain Owner in the Philippines


Launching a Magical Lighting Collection
in collaboration with Disney


Communicating Banking Convenience
in the Philippines


The Official Startup Event of
APEC Philippines 2015


Shining a Light for Renewable Energy