A company that stands for a cause finds customers that stand with them. M2.0 Communications assists brands in communicating their beliefs and advocacies to customers and stakeholders, inspiring brand values that form deeper connections. For more than a decade, our PR agency has provided support for the implementation of advocacy programs from the ground up.



Advocacies highlight issues that are often drowned by noise. M2.0 aids businesses in bringing the public spotlight to these important discussions as well as the company’s endeavors in mitigating the problem. Advocacy communications help raise awareness in the following and similar scenarios:

  • Brands that want to associate their image with female empowerment
  • Companies that wish to align their mission with environmental initiatives wherein they can actively contribute
  • Businesses that want to organize medical missions that operate at the grassroots level


An advocacy aligned with corporate goals offers a compelling message that generates both goodwill and a positive bottom line. Our PR agency can help spread awareness about your vision and narrative in serving others by mounting events in grassroots communities or coursing the message through relevant media channels.

We’ve supported companies in the pursuit of their advocacies by implementing:

  • Press conferences
  • Round-Table-Discussions
  • Media relations
  • Event management


M2.0 combines experts from different specialties to form a unique team that helps you pursue your advocacy and corporate goals.

  • Account management experts ensure that performance metrics are met and provide day-to-day updates and coordination
  • Media relations specialists identify channels for release and seeding, liaise with traditional media people and bloggers who share the same advocacy, and handle event invitation
  • Content writers fuse your business and advocacy goals to generate content that raise awareness and address the issues that matter to you.
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